The content is taken from Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico Philosophicus, which the artist, Doug Hall, excerpted and then composed to be recorded by a chorus of children from The San Francisco Girls Chorus. Their voices are heard coming from 16 speakers arranged in and around a landscaped site situated on the ranch within a grove of ancient oak trees.

Song of Ourselves is a two channel video installation by Doug Hall based on Walt Whitman’s Song of Myself. One channel of video shows a diverse group of young people reciting verses from Whitman’s poem. The second channel of black and white video casts a large projection into the corner of the gallery and spilling along the two adjacent walls, that shows processions of people moving along urban sidewalks, and gathering on beaches and in city parks. Hall saw Whitman’s poetry of tolerance and compassion as an antidote to the hateful rhetoric that has polluted our social and political discourses.

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