"In need of video beauty,  strength,  sensitivity now?    Call Starr.

- Anne Bray    Director,  LA Freewaves

"I look forward to the next chance I'll have to work with Starr. His experience and expertise made the usually headache-inducing aspects of production disappear. We were able to meet our schedule and our budget (both which were impossible) without a problem. Starr made locations, actors, soundtrack and all the other parts of the production appear almost instantly. His rolodex runs deep, and so does his sense of calm and composure."

- Jenny Shears     Producer,  Ammunition LLC

" Starr was intimately and creatively involved in all phases of Chrysopylae from its inception to its installation at Fort Point. I have never worked with anyone before who was as proactive, thorough, organized, and generous as he. Starr's knowledge about cameras, production, post-production, and even the complexities of designing and building the installation were indispensable. If he didn't have an immediate solution to a problem, he could get one by turning to someone in the group of hugely talented people he works with. No matter how tense things became (and they did on occasion) he never lost his composure, resolve, or appearance of calm optimism ( tinged with a healthy touch of irony ).
I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with him."

- Doug Hall   Artist,  San Francisco

“Starr is an excellent Producer who gets the job done. Small job to large, camera work to full blown production, Starr can navigate it all, and make friends along the way. I trust him with my ideas and know that he is always a full supporter 110%.” 

- Chip Lord    Artist,  San Francisco