Starr Sutherland has been working as a producer / director of wide-ranging media projects for 30 years. Stretching back to video-pioneering days when he collaborated with such seminal groups as Ant Farm, Optic Nerve, and Walker/ Peterson/ Backus, he's always pushed the bleeding edge of art and technology. Sutherland was a founding partner of the Chicago video company Independent Programming Associates ( IPA ). At IPA, he won a CLIO award for interactive new media, as well as a John Handy award for his blues documentary on Percy Mayfield. Sutherland was given the National DVD Association’s Excellence Award for interface design. He produced the legendary, sold out San Francisco run of Sam Shepard’s Suicide In B Flat. He has taught video at The Art Institute of Chicago and San Francisco State University.

Sutherland works with artists, museums, documentarians,  narrative film makers, PBS, and—occasionally—ad folks. Involved in every aspect of media production, he knows and has worked with many of the most talented professionals in the field. These associations allow him to assemble specialized teams for handling all phases of production, pre- & post-production, and exhibition, and to match these teams to the unique problems and opportunities of each project. Interested in producing unusual content, Sutherland created Atypical Project to meet the challenges and demands of today's ever-evolving media environment. 

Sutherland resides in San Francisco and works throughout the United States, Europe and Canada. He likes to sail.

MAIN PAGE PHOTO : Using the CHERYL HAINES GALLERY for a location.  I always loved the Goldsworthy wall there.                    photo : P. Streitmann