DOUBLE TROUBLE - a feature film by The Residents

Pre-Production 2019

Eternal Flame Productions

Position: Producer

When the lead singer in an anonymous rock band dies and
leaves a burdensome legacy for his alienated son, a Catholic
priest, the priest fights to keep his life from spiraling out of
control, only to discover that he and his Father are not that
different after all

CITY LIGHTS: Booksellers and Publishers - a documentary


Atypical Project Productions

Position: Producer/Director

This documentary will be about the people, the atmosphere and the values that have animated City Lights over seven decades. How does a place born of the ideals of Ferlinghetti, Ginsberg, Burroughs, Kerouac, and Corso survive in a literary world overtaken by Amazon, Kindle and Google? Will the social networks replace the local bookstore as a gathering place for the arts? And how can City Lights continue to push the boundaries of progressive politics in what is becoming an ever more fractious world?

A BOAT FOR CHARLEY RAY: WYLIE 60 - a documentary


Atypical Project Productions

Position: Producer/Director

Charley Ray, Tom Wylie, and Jim Betts have just started to build the Wylie 60, dubbed “C-Cubed,” which is expected to take a year-and-a-half to complete. Considering its revolutionary design and bleeding edge tech, as well as the extremely creative, talented and opinionated people involved, this process promises to produce a 60-foot sailboat unlike anything ever built.

This documentary proposes to follow the design and building of C-Cubed: the plans, the hopes, the dreams, the inevitable problems… and a series of interviews with Charley, Tom, and Jim – all uniquely colorful characters – promises to make this documentary fascinating, funny and educational.