Instrument Implement : Walla Walla Campanile,  was completed by Buster Simpson in 2008, It is a sculpture measuring twenty-five and a half feet high and is located in front of the William A. Grant Water & Environmental Center at Walla Walla Community College. The Water & Environmental Center is designed as a common ground meeting place, to collectively garner consensus for the sake of a healthy watershed and the next seven generations. Art often serves as a catalyst to that consensus process and is the intent of the Walla Walla Campanile.

The sculpture, as Instrument, marks the passage of time as well as heralding the environmental conditions of the Walla Walla watershed. As Implement, the discs that once worked the local loess soils have been transformed into a campanile, which when combined with an ensemble of additional elements, embellishes the sculpture as allegory.

Walla watershed.